I am sure you have spent a lot of time engaging with your target market and performing market research, but what about once your prospect becomes a customer? How much time do you give to understanding their relationship with your company?

Most businesses have excellent products and services, but once you’ve become their customer the reality is far from the promises made at the point of sale. It shocks and saddens me every time I come across such a company as they are missing their full potential and quite frankly they are absolutely going to fail, if not now then soon. There’s usually nothing left but a bad taste in the mouth for all involved.

These companies have made the cardinal sin of believing their own hype, putting all their effort into the marketing and sales and then thinking their job is done. It’s only just started. This is the point where they should be jumping with excitement looking to WOW their customers and over delivering to them in unexpected ways, creating customer delight.

It’s so simple to put systems and processes in place to engage with your clients and customers as they move along your customer pathway. Here’s just a few examples:

  • Weekly catch up calls with their account manager
  • Customer surveys (emailed)
  • Customer surveys completed by telephone by someone not involved with their work on a day-to-day basis
  • Feedback forms attached to their invoices
  • Links in email signatures to provide feedback
  • Secret shoppers

By implementing just a few of these you will gain a vital insight to how customers really view your company, its services/products and how much they value what you deliver.

Without this key information, you are in danger of missing the warning signs of disenchantment. You may even have begun to take your customers for granted. There’s nothing worse than losing a customer and not knowing why.

Knowledge is power so take half an hour today to think about your customers and ask yourself:

  • How many ways can your customers engage with you?
  • How many ways can your customers tell you how they feel and what they are concerned about?
  • How many opportunities are you missing each day to deliver an even better service to your customers?
  • Are your customers getting the experience you promised in your marketing and at the point of sale?
  • What is the one small thing you can change today that will make your customers experience even better?

You are keen to keep our customers delighted and engaged. This takes proactive thinking and daily action.

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