There’s more to social media than you may think. Are you using social media regularly for your business or are you still mystified by the myriad of platforms and apps available to you and what each can do to help you growth your business? Maybe you are using social media regularly. Are you getting the results you wanted or are you still tweaking your content in order to reach your target markets sweet spot? Whichever camp you belong in we have a nifty little solution for you.

When did you last visit the countryside? We know, odd question to ask in a blog about social media but stick with us. We’ve all done it, been in the middle of the countryside, we suddenly realise we can’t hear a single man-made noise. It seems like there isn’t anything around us for miles. Then we start to really listen and we start to pick up on all the sounds that, 5 minutes ago, were just passing us by. Crickets chirruping, birds calling, grasses rustling in the breeze. For one sweet moment we’re experiencing life in the moment. Magical isn’t it?

When was the last time you did this with your social media? When was the last time you just stood and listened to the noise each platform is producing?

We can all fall into the trap of scheduling, posting and engaging and forget completely to actively listen.

Do you have a target list of potential clients? If you’re not already doing so start following them on social media. Follow the companies main account and the key decision makers. Now its time to sit back, watch and listen.

You’ll find out so much more about your potential customers in one afternoon of doing this than you would in a week of networking.

Here’s some key questions that you’ll want to answer as you carefully listen to your target audience:

  • Who are they engaging with?
  • What types of conversation are they having?
  • Which of their products and services are they focusing on ?
  • What are other companies saying about them?
  • On a personal level, what do they talk about?
  • What are their interests?
  • Who do they follow as a company and on a personal level?
  • Which social media platforms do they use?

Answer these questions for each of your chosen targets and you’ll have the bones of a social media campaign which speaks only to them. Remember that you need to start with your end goal in mind. What do you want to achieve and how can the information you have gathered help you achieve that?

If you want to see how successful this strategy can be take a look at how Innocent Smoothies made it work for them.

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