Let’s Get Social Media Working For You

With multiple platforms to choose from, social media can seem daunting, confusing, money draining and time consuming.

Even LinkedIn’s own online training module recommends spending at least 35 hours each month on its platform. That’s a big chunk out of your schedule, and just for one platform.

Building an online presence that’s valuable to your target market takes time. There’s no quick fix. Taking time to invest in a well planned social media strategy will be rewarding for both you and our clients too.

Deciding which, platforms to focus on is challenging. Getting this wrong will waste your time and money. Leaving you with little or no impact with your audience. Your BBE team will take this headache away, selecting the best platforms for you.

Your customers all behave differently, some will want to find out more about you, others will want to receive more of your content and some will want to jump straight to organising a meeting or grabbing a coffee with you.

It’s important that your target market has ready access to your multiple marketing funnels and that they are clear on how to use them and what to expect them.

Sharing links to your website and landing pages as well as consistently sharing other contact details will ensure your potential customers will not find it difficult to take the first step in taking the relationship offline.

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Managing & Protecting Your Brand

Your social media content will be fully branded to ensure consistency across your company. We’ll ensure your brand guidelines are adhered to.

We’ll keep a watchful eye and ear on your social media channels. Closely monitoring what your customers, prospects and competitors are saying about you and your brand.
You can sleep easy knowing that your social media team are monitoring for both positive and negative feedback.

Positive feedback will be promoted whilst negative feedback will be dealt with in a professional and friendly manner. Showing the world that you’re not just about getting new customers but that you really care about your existing customers too.

Showing a positive and caring reaction to negative feedback, and achieving a happy resolution; is a great way of building trust with both existing and future customers and clients.

Using Social Media To Let Your Personality Shine

People love finding out more about the people behind the brands and companies they do business with. Sharing snippets about your day, how you spend your spare time and the events and projects you’re involved with, will bring you and your company to life.

Your potential customers will feel like they’ve already met you before even having a meeting or telephone conversation. It goes a long way to building the know, like and trust element of your relationship and will help you secure deals and close business quicker when you take the relationship offline.

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Knowing Your Audience

Social media is fast paced, in constant flux and requires a keen focus to get the best results. Your social media strategy should enhance and back up your marketing plan for the year ahead. Both should be focused on talking directly to your ideal client or customer.

Your BBE social media team will carefully monitor your target markets activity. By finding out what challenges they face, things they love to talk about and support you can provide. You can be sure your posts will be content rich, entertaining and valuable to your clients and prospects alike.

You can be sure that your BBE social media team will be carefully monitoring activity. The posts, videos, competitions that receive a strong reaction from your target audience, can be enhanced and repeated to continue a positive trend. Equally those posts and social media platforms that aren’t gaining traction can be removed quickly. Giving you more time for those platforms, posts and activities that are gathering more positive results.

No matter what your business or target market, social media is a must. Without it you’ll be leaving your competition to talk to your customers and prospects.

A Solution For Every Business

We’ve taken care to develop services that compliment each other. Keeping all your business support under one roof. You’ll have complete flexibility. Keeping your business agile and dynamic. Working with BBE means you’re ready to adapt to industry developments much quicker than your employee heavy competitors.

You’re completely in control. Building your own plan based on the services that will best support you.

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