Finding The Right Leads For Your Business

A healthy source of good quality leads is the life blood of your business.

Your lead generation system needs to be a well oiled machine, able to target the right people at the right time. If you fail to optimise your lead generation process you are leaving a huge hole in your business.

You’re leaving money on the table each and every month in missed opportunities and sales. If those leads aren’t being scooped up by you, then your competition will be scooping them up instead.

Your BBE team will help you identify the right businesses and decision makers, then we’ll help you build a relationship with them too.

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Cold calliing is no longer a thing. So we won’t be picking the telephone up for you. There’s lots of other ways we can help you identify the right leads for your business. We’ll work hard to find the one that’s most appropriate for you.

Decision makers are short on time and have a lot of companies and individuals asking for their attention every day. There has to be a really valid reason for them to stop and take notice of you and your message.

Your BBE team will help you build a compelling message that will make you stand out from the noise.

We’ll you help build a customer focused funnel that’s filled with knowledge and relevant information. Helping you to start building your relationship with your prospects before they’ve even met you.

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Bringing Your Ideal Client To Life

Think about your best client. It’s likely they are one of your biggest clients, who use one of your more profitable services or products, they pay on time and are always recommending you to their trusted network. It’s likely you’ve even said you wish you could clone them.

Taking time to focus on lead generation can help deliver more of your most profitable, fun to work with, clients.

Your BBE team will take time to get to know which clients are ideal for your business now and as you continue to roll out your growth plans. We’ll build a detailed description of the companies you want to work with and who the decisions makers are within those businesses. This will make it easier for us to identify and target these people for you.

Investing in your lead management can give you more of the clients you really want to work with.

Happy Clients – Happy Team

Having the right clients on board will mean you’ll have a happier team too. Building loyalty from both your clients and staff will see them both staying with your company for longer.

It’s much more cost effective and rewarding to retain your clients and staff than replace them. Finding more of the right clients will see you achieving your growth goals sooner.

Providing your sales team with consistently good leads will keep them motivated and pushing for greater results month on month. Helping you achieve and maintain consistent growth.

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Lead Generation That Really Works

The way people do business has changed rapidly over the past decade. The online world has a greater impact each year. It’s getting more difficult to be heard, with so many other companies vying for your prospects time and money.

Working with your detailed profile of your ideal client, we’ll research where your prospects are to be found in the digital world. It’s likely if you’re business to business we’ll spend our time nurturing relationships for you on LinkedIn. We’ll be able to talk directly to your target without having to side-step or encounter gate keepers.

As soon as your prospects show their interest in your product or service, we’ll grab your diary and set up a telephone, face-to-face or video meeting with you or one of your sales team.

We’ll provide you with a copy of our research so you know everything you need to know about your prospect and their company. Then it’s over to you to close the deal.

We’ll hold monthly meetings with you or your sales team to discuss results and keep tweaking our approach to maintain high quality of leads as your company grows.

Get into touch right now and let’s start boosting your leads today.

A Solution For Every Business

We’ve taken care to develop services that compliment each other. Keeping all your business support under one roof. You’ll have complete flexibility. Keeping your business agile and dynamic. Working with BBE means you’re ready to adapt to industry developments much quicker than your employee heavy competitors.

You’re completely in control. Building your own plan based on the services that will best support you.

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