Taking Your Email Marketing From Good to Great

A well-maintained email marketing system will inform, entertain and develop your relationship with potential and existing customers.

Done well your email marketing function will help develop your brand, whilst also developing the know, like and trust element of your customer, supplier and introducer relationships. Helping you to ring-fence those relationships and turn your contacts into loyal followers of your company and its products and services.

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There are so many email marketing systems to choose from, deciding which one is right for your business can be a daunting task. We take away that worry and uncertainty by getting to know you, your business and your customers well. Saving you a huge amount of time and money.

With the right system in place it’s all about image. We’ll develop your templates based on your existing branding. After all, first impressions count a lot. Your customers make decisions in seconds about which emails to read and those to delete. We’ll help you create professional, friendly, engaging templates that will be instantly recognizable to your contacts.

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Getting The Right People Onto Your Lists

List management is crucial. Fudging this can have huge consequences for your business. It’s vital that the data is up-to-date, states where the data has come from and that you have permission to contact the people on that list. When was the last time you audited your marketing data? You BBE team will audit your data daily. It will never be out-of-date again.

Out-of–date data will be costing your company thousands of pounds. We’ll help save you time and money by peforming consistent checks on bounce rates and unsubscribes; keeping your data in tip-top condition.

We’ll ensure your contacts have been through a double opt in process. Helping to keep you GDPR compliant. You can be confident that the contacts in your list really want to be there.

Helping You Grow

If you’re experiencing peaks and troughs in your business right now, it’s likely that your email marketing function isn’t a smooth running, well-oiled machine. Probably because you haven’t got the time it requires to send regular, well written communications to your lists.

Consistency is key

Your BBE team will build a plan for your campaigns for the year ahead. Adding offers, insight and knowledge at optimum points in the year. Helping to boost other marketing campaigns including social media and direct mail.

Our email campaign service includes monitoring and reporting on each campaign. Letting you know who is engaging with your content. Including how often, which links are being engaged with the most and which products, services and solutions are generating the most activity. This information is vital for generating leads and developing new products and services for your business.

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Show Your Customers You Care

Email marketing isn’t just about generating new business it’s also about taking care of your existing customers. Giving them regular opportunities to feedback on the products and services they use; showing them that you value their input, helping to build a stronger relationship with them.
Keeping them loyal for longer.

Performing regular surveys, including Net Promotor Scoring, will help you monitor the happiness of your clients and the effectiveness of your products and services.

It will also help you notice developing trends in your sector and enable you to act on them earlier. Maximising your potential for new business.

A Solution For Every Business

We’ve taken care to develop services that compliment each other. Keeping all your business support under one roof. You’ll have complete flexibility. Keeping your business agile and dynamic. Working with BBE means you’re ready to adapt to industry developments much quicker than your employee heavy competitors.

You’re completely in control. Building your own plan based on the services that will best support you.

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