Driving  Customer  Loyalty  to  Grow  Your  Business

Giving the best customer experience to your clients and prospects is vital to the continued growth and success of your business.

Here at BBE we help you devise, develop and maintain your customer experience strategy and then deliver it on your behalf. Which means outsourcing your customer service is quick, simple and stress free.

Your clients can contact us via: Email, Telephone, Chat Online, Social media and Snail mail.

Customer Service

It’s important to make it easy for your customers to reach you whenever they have a query, want to place an order or want to raise an issue.A well thought out and closely monitored customer experience strategy is the best way to roll out the red carpet for your customers each time they get in touch.

As your business growth accelerates it’s likely there are times when your customers will need to raise issues. This is when an experienced, professional and committed customer experience team really can make all the difference.

It’s important that the customer is given the time to explain in their own words why they are unhappy. Giving them control of the complaint lets them know that they are valued and that you really care about them.

Managing customer experience strategy customer expectations and providing clear communication will see you quickly build strong relationships with your customers. Giving you more:

  • Repeat business
  • Customer loyalty
  • Cross selling opportunities
Customer Service Advisors Infographic

Delivering  A  Memorable  Customer  Experience

Your customers don’t necessarily remember your company for what you do for them, but more likely for how you make them feel.

The BBE Customer Service team are based, right here, in the UK. We’re a proactive bunch who get a real buzz from delighting you and your customers.

Give your clients the best customer service the UK has to offer. When your clients contact us they will:

Get Their Very Own Account Manager

Who will quickly build a strong relationship with your customer; and will be their ‘go-to’ person for orders, queries and problem solving.

Be Kept In The Loop

Having regular updates on their queries and orders will help build trust and loyalty with your customer; turning them into a loyal fan.

Receive Regular Calls to Gain Their Valuable Feedback

Taking time to get to know your customers is vital to the development of the products and services you deliver to them. Taking time to listen to them shows them how much you’re focused your are on making life simpler for them.

High Quality Complaints Management

Getting detailed knowledge of your customer’s complaint means we can be proactive in its solution. The BBE Team will:

  • Provide a realistic timeline for the resolution of the issue.

  • Escalate complaints when urgency is required.

  • Look for the root cause of issues and complaints

  • Liaise with you and your team to develop new systems and procedures to ensure the same complaint can never happen again.

High quality complaints management is focused solely on exceeding your customer’s expectations. It’s the only way to keep clients loyal and have them recommend you to others.

It’s how your treat your customers when things go wrong that really sets you apart from your competition.

Technical Support Infographic
Customer Service strategy infographic

Building A Bespoke Experience For Your Customers

Your customers aren’t a number or a ticket in a queuing system, they are unique individuals and businesses, who are looking for easily accessible solutions.

In return for delivering consistently high levels of service, your customers will give you their loyalty, highlight weaknesses in your systems and processes, help you devise new products and services and recommend your services to others.

We help you build a bespoke experience for your customers. Giving your clients the type of client experience you always wished you had for yourself.

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It’s time to give your clients the best customer service experience the UK has to offer.

A Solution For Every Business

We’ve taken care to develop services that compliment each other. Keeping all your business support under one roof. You’ll have complete flexibility. Keeping your business agile and dynamic. Working with BBE means you’re ready to adapt to industry developments much quicker than your employee heavy competitors.

You’re completely in control. Building your own plan based on the services that will best support you.

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