Use Curiosity to Bag Yourself Top Talent for Your Vacancies

Use Curiosity to Bag Yourself Top Talent for Your Vacancies

Quickly Source the Top Talent for Your Vacancies.

UK unemployment stood at 3.8 per cent in the three months to May 2019, its lowest level since the October to December 1974 period, reaching an all-time high of 32.75 million people in employment.

While this is fantastic news, this has left businesses and recruitment companies with some massive challenges. The biggest hurdle is being able to source the right talent to fill open roles quickly.

However, there are recruitment companies here in the UK that are smashing their close rates. Want to know how they’re doing it? They’re getting curious.

Rather than waiting for candidates to find their vacancies on job boards, they’re being proactive, searching company websites, performing searches on social media platforms and providing referral incentives to their existing hot candidates.

Setting off the Spark

That’s all well and good, but what if someone isn’t looking to leave their existing employer, how can you grab their attention long enough to light a spark of interest?

What will make them curious enough, that they will quickly transform into a hot candidate, who is only interested in your vacancies and open to being interviewed by your top client?

It’s easier than you may think. Identify who you want as your dream client and then ask them to help you.

Take time to craft your message carefully. It would be something like this…

Tempting the Talent

Hi [name]

I think you may be able to help me.

I’m currently recruiting for a [job title] and it’s likely you have someone in your network of contacts who would like to hear about it. Can we arrange a call so that I can tell you a little more? Let me know the best time and number.

Thank you.

You can use this approach with both new and existing LinkedIn contacts and dormant candidates who are no longer responding to your marketing.

Human beings find it difficult to say no when someone asks for help. We tend to say yes, more than no. This means you’re going to have an excellent opportunity to go into detail about your hot vacancy, it’s benefits and the potential career path available to the right candidate. This is something that is unlikely to happen if you were to just ask “Are you looking to move from your current role right now?”

It’s likely your contact will either self-identify as the right person for the role or they will have a couple of other people in mind. This is also an excellent opportunity to get them onto your candidate mailing list. Showing potential candidates that you have a consistent stream of vacancies with leading companies in their industry builds trust.

Using this focused approach will help you quickly close vacancies with your own unique supply of top talent. Your clients will wonder how you’re doing it. Don’t tell them. Keep them curious.

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