Employment levels are at an all time high here in the UK which is fantastic news. However, it also means the difficult task of attracting the right talent at the right time for your business has become a whole lot harder. We are living in a candidate driven market with the cream of the crop being snapped up even before they’ve stepped foot inside a recruitment agency.

Building an experienced, professional, proactive and cohesive team is essential for the sustained growth of any business. However, the recruitment, training, cohesion, and ongoing maintenance of the team is time consuming and costly. Add to that the fact we’re living in a candidate driven market right now. The cream of the crop are being snapped up even before they’ve stepped foot inside a recruitment agency. Your dream team just seems to be moving further and further from your grasp. Taking more of your time, more of your money and lots of your energy.

But recruitment isn’t the only solution available to you. There is an alternative which comes packed with a whole host of other benefits too. I’m talking about outsourcing. Businesses across the UK are seeing outsourcing more and more as a viable option for securing sustained growth for their business and here’s why:

  • Highly cost effective
  • More productive
  • Able to afford highly levels of expertise than you could if employing in the traditional manner
  • Bespoke team that can be changed quickly as the company requires
  • Less risk

So lets take a look at each in turn:


When you recruit a new employee there is an awful lot of cost involved including recruitment fees, salaries, insurances, pensions, office space, equipment, training and of course the cost of your time or a member of your teams time. These costs unfortunately are not fixed costs and they tend, if anything, to increase. The bottom line is you’ve no longer got as much control of your profit as before. Outsourcing will typically save you around 50% on your overheads as you pay a monthly invoice covering the services provided and that’s it.


Recruitment not only takes money, it also take a lot of time and reduces productivity whilst it takes place. Your eye has to move away from your goals whilst you or a member of your team interviews and then train your new staff member. Typically it takes around 12 weeks for a new member of staff to begin to be fully productive and for some roles it can take even long. By outsourcing you are tapping into a pool of experts who are used to change, have worked on more systems and within a variety of organizations and will be hitting high levels of productivity within days of working with them.


Whenever you look to recruit a new team member you look for the skills that are lacking in your existing team. With outsourcing you can continuously mould your team depending on your current goals. Not only that you’ll find that you’ll be able to work with people who you it is likely you wouldn’t have been able to afford if you looked to employ them in the traditional way. Outsourcing is highly cost effective, keeps your business dynamic and able to swiftly react to market trends and customer needs. It also protects your cash flow and more importantly your profits too.


Employing staff is a risky business. Get it wrong and you can guarantee it’s:

• damaging your ability to reach your goals
• damaging your reputation
• rapidly eating into your profits

Outsourcing will:

• help you reach your goals sooner
• boost your reputation
• rapidly boost your profits

Take a look at your business today and ask yourself:

• Which tasks can I outsource?
• Which roles can I outsource?

Once you have the answers to these 2 questions you’re ready to build your cost effective, highly productive, adaptable team of experts.

Watch out for our blog on how to build your perfect outsourced team, which is coming soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about how powerful outsourcing can be take a look at this article by BKA Content

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