Time and again we hear our clients saying the same thing. I just need another me. It’s not difficult to see why.

Business is doing well, too well in-fact, but not quite enough to consider taking someone on. After tax, insurance, premises, training and pensions the real cost of taking on a new member of staff is over £30,000. Get the recruitment process wrong and it’s money down the drain and your business on the line. What is more the likelihood is, if you need to hire one new member of staff, you already need two.

But why?

It’s all about mitigating risk. If you’re a one-man band, when you take on an employee they’re going to need to be the next you. But here’s where the difficulties lie.

Whether you like it or not as soon as you share your workload with your new employee you’re giving away your power, you’re sharing it. You begin to accept more work, you are getting more business and that’s great! All is well until, they fall ill, they move on or it’s not for them. But scarier still, people know they’re important and they know how much you need them and then they end up holding the ropes. All that time, training and investment can often be unfruitful. Even in bigger companies hiring a bad apple still has huge ramifications.

And then there’s temps. A business lottery, proverbially. Temps can serve their purpose for a short period of time but it’s a big gamble. There’s no guarantee of a good employee, little loyalty and the high risk that they will want to move on. In-short, a temp will never be you, they won’t have the same passion or knowledge as you will about your company.

So, what do these shortfalls mean for us, the business owners? A huge hinderance to expansion and a poor work-life balance. Growing a business is a slow and costly process, especially when it comes to training staff. It slows down productivity and in a small business will have a big impact. And then more importantly, there’s the issue of work-life balance. You can’t remember your last family holiday and you’re in no position to go on one anytime soon. The idea of part time is nothing but a pipedream.

This is when the genius of Best Business Enabler comes into play. Our team collectively has experience with over 150 CRM systems and over 20 different clients. You can leave admin and marketing to the experts. A team that doesn’t need training, has the right experience and aren’t your responsibility but that want to represent your company just as well as a direct employee would. Avoid the heavy costs of recruitment and salaries and you’re up and ready to go!

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