Do you want 5 prospect meetings a week

meet more propsects

Do you want to get 5 prospect meetings a week?

If you could meet 5 quality prospects each week how many more deals would you be closing each month? It’s likely your conversion figures would skyrocket as meetings are 34 times more successful than discussions held on the telephone or via video conferencing.

Qualifying leads is time-consuming but taking the time to get this right will save you a bunch of time attending meetings with people who can’t afford your services or are just not ready to make a decision.

If you’ve done your homework well, this next stage should be a doddle for you….

Give them a call. We know, business development specialists have been doing this for millennia (well maybe for the past 100 years or so), but it’s still a key stage in your prospecting pipeline.

Before making the call, you’re going to arm yourself
with a list of simple requests.

For example:

  • I read your blog on LinkedIn today and have I question for you.
  • I met someone last week that might be a good connection for you. Can I tell you a little more and possibly make an introduction?

Taking time to decide which question is likely to get your prospects shouting YES to your request, even before you’ve even finished your sentence, will make a massive difference to your success. In fact, the more you can get them to agree with you during the call, the more likely they are to say yes when you finally ask for a meeting. Plan your sales call well, and you’ll soon be slam-dunking prospect meetings with ease.

Ask your sales team, ‘Do you want 5 prospect meetings a week?’ They’re sure to say yes. Tell us what works for you. Comment below.

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