There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting a bottle neck as you grow your business. You can see your goals winking at you in the near distance and you’re thinking, “if it wasn’t for the lack of manpower you’d have those goals in the bag by now”. Or perhaps your business has grown more quickly than expected and you’re unsure whether this is a flash in the pan or the beginning of a more consistent pattern.

What stops you from, taking action and, getting the manpower you so desperately need in place well before it’s required?

Was your answer money or cash flow? Then you won’t be surprised that this is the most common reason business owners have for putting their plans on hold.

Having to step off the gas so that your business keeps apace with your capacity is soul destroying. Not taking your foot off the gas and letting your business run away from you usually has disastrous results. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, or are you?

The digital age has provided us the flexibility to work from wherever we want, whenever we want and with whomever we wish. The world of business is changing rapidly. The way we engage the services of others is changing rapidly too.

More and more companies are working with virtual teams, selecting the cream of the crop from around the world to ensure that they are able to consistently deliver and grow for years and years to come.

How does this solve your problem? Surprisingly, these teams can be built at the fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment. There’s a whole host of other benefits too:

  • Your team will have a much higher skill set than you could possibly afford to recruit
  • Your team will have a breadth and depth of experience from working with other companies too
  • Your company will be more dynamic, with the ability to turn on a pin head and react to market demands quicker than your competitors.
  • You’ll not be stuck between a rock and a hard place letting your business tick over, or even worse, stagnate.

The best time to build this team is before your business is knocking on the door screaming for help. Take an hour to look at your business right now. Where can you see gaps, possible future bottle necks? What kind of support would be an ideal fix?

Want help taking the next step? Keep a look out for our blog on how to recruit an incredible team quickly.

In the meantime take a look at this great blog by Benjamin Hardy. 30 Behaviours That Will Make You Unstoppable oh and nearly forgot to mention this great blog too

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