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Outsourcing Keeps You Ahead of Your Competitors

Recruitment Isn’t the Only Solution

Employment levels are at an all time high here in the UK which is fantastic news. However, it also means the difficult task of attracting the right talent at the right time for your business has become a whole lot harder. We are living in a candidate driven market with the cream of the crop […]

Do You Often Wish You Had More Help?

There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting a bottle neck as you grow your business. You can see your goals winking at you in the near distance and you’re thinking, “if it wasn’t for the lack of manpower you’d have those goals in the bag by now”. Or perhaps your business has grown more quickly than […]

Work Life Balance

Business Proof Your Family Time

It may seem like a while ago, (even if it was only last week), but how was your last holiday? Was it relaxing, fun filled, all the time you wanted with your family and friends? Or did you, like thousands of other business owners, find yourself pulled by the invisible force of your laptop or […]

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How to Guarantee You Never Lose a Valued Employee Ever

Employee turnover is a costly quandary. On average employees get itchy feet around the 3 to 5 year point of being with a business and for a number of reasons including: Job stagnation Pay Job title Company culture It’s vital to keep each staff member engaged and well remunerated whilst ensuring they are happy with […]

Staff Absence Is Making Your Business Poorley

Is Your Employee’s Health Affecting Your Business?

Staff absenteeism costs the UK nearly 30bn annually (CIPD absence Mgt Annual Survey for 2014), so when was the last time you measured the effect of staff absence on your business? How many sick days did your staff have in the last year? The average figure per employee is 6.8 sick days, and the average […]

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What’s The Real Cost Of Recruitment For Your Business?

Are you thinking about appointing a new member of staff? Or are you about to replace someone who is in the process of leaving? It’s definitely time for you to stop and consider the real cost of recruitment to your business and what you can do to minimise it. What does it cost you to […]

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